Monday, April 6, 2015

Patio enclosure contractor - Choosing the right patio

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If you enjoy sitting in your patio throughout the year, a patio enclosure can have a number of benefits. There are a wide range of options to choose from, including simple screened-in patio designs that have been designed to protect the structure from mosquitoes and bugs during the summer. You might also want to incorporate an enclosure into an open patio space so that you can enjoy your patio at different times of the year. Here are some tips when choosing an enclosure for your patio.

1. Choosing the right patio size

The type of enclosure you opt for will depend on the size of your front porch or backyard. These enclosures often have a roof, which can be retracted. Therefore, you won't want something that will take up too much space, and dramatically decrease the size of the garden. Enlisting the services of BK Remodelers a patio contractor located in Woodland Hills can help you here. They will be able to measure the size of the area that you want to cover, and provide you with the exact measurements that you need when choosing an enclosure.

2. Choosing the right patio shape

Enclosures come in all different shapes and sizes. A recent design trend is an enclosure with a dome shaped roof that protects the garden from adverse weather and allows you to sit on your porch, even when it is raining. The dome shaped enclosure is easy to clean and maintain, especially when snow falls on the structure. Other types of enclosure include rectangular structures, which can be used to house a swimming pool - keeping it well protected from the elements and insects. One of the benefits in hiring BKRemodelers a patio enclosure contractor in los angeles is that they will be able to do all the hard work for you. You will be able to arrange a date for the construction of the enclosure, and approve the final product once it has assembled. 

3. Deciding between different features

Once you have decided on the right shape and size of your patio enclosure, you will want to consider different features. For example, ask yourself the following questions: do you want the enclosure to have a screen or glass windows? What about a retractable roof? What about awnings? You will need to comprise a budget and try to stick to it as closely as you can when deciding on the type of enclosure that you want to incorporate into your garden. Patio contractors Woodland Hills will be able to provide you with more information, and can offer you a wide range of features for your enclosure that you might be interested in. One of the most popular features for an enclosure is a retractable roof, which you can open and close when you choose. For example, you will be able to open the roof to allow natural to cover the area in the summer. Although this feature isn't as cheap as others, many consider it to be a worthwhile investment when choosing a patio enclosure. Ask a patio contractor Los Angeles for more information. 

4. Consider the patio price

A number of factors will affect the price of the enclosure, so you will need to bear these in mind when choosing a product. Firstly, you will need to consider the costs of professional patio contractors who will be assembling the enclosure for you. Always choose a reputable company, Ask BK Remodelers how long the project will take, and whether you will need to be present while the enclosure is being set up. Remember - some companies might charge you more to have the enclosure assembled during the evening or weekend, BK Remodelers will offer a FREE onsite patio enclosure estimates with no cost to you.  

5. Choosing different materials

The materials used to create the enclosure can also affect the price of the construction project, and the overall look of the exterior space. Screens are among the most popular type of material used, and can save you more money than a material like glass. However, this can have its drawbacks, and might not be strong enough to keep the area insulated in colder weather. Another popular choice is an awning, which provides the area with shade but doesn't have the full coverage of a conventional roof. However, an awning can work out to be much cheaper, and is easy to maintain. Refer to BK Remodelers - a patio contractor in Los Angeles for more information about the best materials for your  patio enclosure.