floor replacement contractors
floor replacement contractors

Floor Replacement with BK Flooring Contractor

If you are thinking about your floor replacement here is a list of main flooring types:

Wood Flooring

Is the most popular from flooring types for living areas. There is a huge variety of wood flooring to choose from, such as: pine, oak, softwood, hardwood, veneered, solid, planked and many more.

Hardwood flooring

When thinking about floor replacement, hardwood flooring installment will give you the feel of excellency. There is a variety of finishes, wood types and colors to choose from: Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, Pre finished hardwood etc.

More on solid hardwood flooring

Is 100% hardwood milled from lumber. Hardwood flooring reacts to changes, like moisture and extreme temperature. It is not recommended to install solid hardwood below ground level or in bathrooms.

Engineered Hardwood

It is built up of layers of wood. this structure gives superior stability (consists of layers glued together) and reduces shrinking/expanding concerns. Can be installed below ground level.

Stone Flooring

Provides natural flooring surface which gives a luxurious feel to the living area and does not have to be expensive. There are limitless types and colors available.

Tile Flooring

Comes in many varieties. The main types are: ceramic floor, mosaic tiles, porcelain and metal tiles. Floor tiles are usually thicker than wall tiles.

Laminate flooring

Is durable, resistant to scratches, stains and dents.on the other hand it is not the best choice for bathroom and kitchen due to the suspect of moisture damage.

Is a great flooring option and can look as solid wood floor. Installation is critical and must be done by a qualified contractor.

It has four layers:

Wear layer- protects the floor from stains.

Design layer- is a photographic image of wood, stone or other natural visual

Inner core layer- is a plastic resin which keeps the laminate stable and flat

Backing layer- creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping.

Carpet Flooring- There are so many patterns, textures and styles available to choose from.

Resilient Flooring- includes Cork, Linoleum, Rubber and Vinyl.