general remodeling contractors
general remodeling contractors

"B" Licensed- General Building Contractor

BK Remodelers carries "General Building Contractor" , which means we can do most residential remodeling jobs!, call us with your project and we will be happy to answer your questions!

Homeowners biggest fear when having a remodeling project in their house is breaking the budget. Even when following the remodeling contractor's good advice, such as:

  • Save extra cash on the side for unpredicted things that can happen during the remodeling project
  • Check for references of prospect general contractors or renovation contractor

What you ought to do is have a remodeling project for a price you can afford. It doesn't mean you have to go cheap, with some good thinking ahead, such as: design, materials and scheduling you will be able to cut on the remodeling project's costs.

Here you will be able to learn how to do that:

Increase performance

If your kitchen can be re-organized you may not need to have an overall remodeling, like breaking walls in order to get extra kitchen space. Such as having custom design kitchen cabinets, by adding shelves to kitchen cabinets you will be able to use the cabinets more efficient and save on kitchen space.

Add natural light not windows

Before having new windows installed in your house (which means, breaking holes in the walls, install new windows) think of the cheaper option to lighten up bathroom with no windows or a hallway, you can install 'light tube' (it slips between roof rafters and channels sunshine to the living space).

Ask your remodeling contractor to use leftover stocks

When having a flooring project, you can ask general contractors if they have left over flooring from previous projects, it will cut the costs dramatically. These left over flooring could easily go to the trash otherwise.

Have the remodeling project on slow season

Don't schedule the remodeling project during summer time or on September (when the children go back to school) which are the busy season. During that time, prices will go high. The down time is right after New Year. Timing can save you couple thousands of dollars when hiring best contractors.

During spring time many homeowners want to have their house's go through a general remodeling process. No matter what remodeling project you want to have, it is important to find reliable general contractor to carry out the job. You should be careful from general contractors who try to sell you a remodeling project by going from door to door, there is a chance it is just a scam.

When choosing home remodeling contractor use this checklist:

Ask for an insurance- you should ask the contractor if he's insurance covers workers compensation, personal liability in a case of accident and property damage.

Ask to see the california state license of the contractor, to make sure he is licensed to work as a home remodeling contractor

Have everything in writing- before signing the contract make sure you read and understand its content. Add start and completion dates.

BK Remodelers is proud to carry the documents listed!