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kitchem remodeling contractors

Custom kitchen remodeling

If you want to summarize kitchen remodeling, it will be something like: specializing in contracting services and projects, design skills, creativity. Having all these characteristic will assist in creating any homeowner's dream kitchen. Kitchen remodeling project can derive from: A need of homeowners to bring life back to their kitchens Family that has grown beyond kitchen capacity Adding the kitchen a fresh look that will also add value to the house Any good kitchen remodel project has to start with a good design plan. You can start by gather ideas from magazines, DIY TV shows etc. Then assemble it in a folder, like: pictures, different notes, cutouts etc. or you can let our kitchen specialists/project manger show you some ideas with no cost.

Think about the space you and your family use and how you do it; Make a list of what are the things you like about it and what you want to improve. Try to imagine: Friends and family members, who will be cooking in the kitchen or will assist you in doing so Having guests for dinner in your new remodeled kitchen space, which will have a big dining room table Spend quality time with your kids and the rest of the family members Think about your storage needs, do you want it to be hidden, out on the counter or in a remote location. BK Remodelers project manger will follow your needs, time and budget. Our project mangers will work closely with you, in order to create the custom kitchen remodeling you have been dreaming of, a kitchen that will fit your budget, time and lifestyle. Our kitchen remodeling staff work with specialize in all sorts of kitchen remodeling projects, such as: kitchen flooring, appliances, cabinetry and plumbing, custom kitchen remodeling, replacing kitchen cabinets and reface kitchen cabinets. Our staff is dedicated to providing you a beautiful kitchen.

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Kate Willis May 8, 2015

have been wanting my dream kitchen for the longest time and we finally got some money saved. I had big plans for my kitchen which involved cherry cabinets and granite counter tops. I figured it would be a “spendy” project so I had to do some shopping before I made my choice. I was fortunate enough to find BK remodelers. After the first phone call I knew this was my place. The initial call was extremely helpful and they really took the time to listen to what I wanted. They were very nice and polite and really just acted like they cared. After we went over the numbers not only was I impressed with the customer service they provided but the quote was well below what I was expecting. They were able to start the project within days of scheduling my appointment and that's when we met Benny. He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the whole project. He took the time to walk us thru the process and really just impressed us with his know how and friendly demeanor. The rest of the crew was just as friendly and professional. They were all very respectable of our things and they just did an outstanding job. In the end, they got it done a day early so our project ran amount $25,000. The cherry cabinets and granite counter tops look fantastic and next time I'm looking for a home remodeling project I won't hesitate to call Benny back. Thanks BK for the great job.

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We will respect your space

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most difficult remodeling projects that a homeowner can have. If you think about it, unlike construction contractors or landscape contractors, they can finish their work without having to disturb you in your day to day life. However, you use the kitchen every day; you are bound to constantly run into you kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinets contractor more often than not. The kitchen remodeling project will be a constant presence in your home therefore one of the most important things that you need to learn and understand is how to work with your kitchen cabinets contractor because it will become a long relationship.

Since it is your home, you need to find the right bathroom remodeling company that are willing to work with you and that will respect your space. with BK Remodelers you will be assigned with project manger that will be in charge of overseeing your project it will guarantee smoother working conditions and even make the kitchen project finish faster.

Kitchen Cabinets

As you know that the first thing that your guests see in your kitchen are the kitchen cabinets. But if you have outdated kitchen cabinets from the 1970s then would not want to show them off. Kitchen Contractor can help you with the following options for kitchen remodeling. The first option you have is to have a custom kitchen remodeling. This means that you will create a whole new structure for your kitchen cabinets and can actually have them custom designed for your home. Because they are custom designed, you can have anything made to be customized to your individuality. You can even have your family crest or your initials carved into your new kitchen cabinets.

If this option is not what you are looking for then there is always the option of kitchen cabinet replacing. This option means that you will only purchase new kitchen cabinets to fit the existing structure in your kitchen. It is similar to a custom kitchen remodeling but you get to choose from standard kitchen cabinets if you are not ready to elaborately customize your kitchen. Your kitchen will get an instant facelift with this kind of remodeling because it adds something old while still keeping everything else in its place.

The third option is the best of both worlds. This involves having your kitchen cabinets refaced, which means you keep the original cabinets and structure but you can customize the face of the kitchen cabinet in your home and reinvent it to your liking. We are certain that whichever decision you make with kitchen cabinets that BK Remodelers will be able to help you.

contact us today and you will receive free on site estimate for your custom kitchen remodeling with no obligation.