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Exterior painting can give a whole new look to your home!

Exterior painting gets deteriorate by the weather, but through a regular maintenance the exterior can be cleaned, scraped and sanded as a preparation for a new finish coat.

BK Remodelers can assist in selecting unique exterior color, that will reflect your personal taste and style, while adding value and appeal to your home.

The Process

Exterior painting can give a whole new look to your home while keeping it protected from the weather elements. BK Remodelers knows how important it is to protect the exterior of your home and make it look appealing.

In order to get the work done perfectly this is the process we follow:

Step 1- The first step is all about cleaning the dirt and mildew from the house's exterior. In this process our exterior painting contractors are hand washing, then power washing.

Step 2- After the exterior of your home has been washed and the mildew removed, our team scraps all the loose paint and starts to sand off the surface. Then we seal all the gaps in order to prevent water or air intrusion.

Step 3- Next the entire house (or at least the area that has to be painted) is being primed. This step is done before applying new coat of paint.

Step 4- At the end of each working day our painters clean up the area, it is also done when the job is complete.

Step 5- When the job is done we inspect our work and then invite you to inspect as well. That way we can get your feed-backs about the work we have done.

BK Painting contractor goal is to provide the ultimate painting service.

Interior painting is important as exterior painting.

Interior painting protects the walls and adds beauty to the house. A proper application of paint can change the look of the entire home.

BK Remodelers takes pride in quality workmanship while maintaining a clean working environment during its projects.

BK Remodelers painters knows that the interior spaces of the house require attention to quality and the smallest details, such as: protecting the um-painted surfaces, finish free from brush marks, protecting the furniture from getting stained.

BK Remodelers serves the Southern California residential area.

With BK Remodelers there are no surprises, we explain to all our clients the entire project from beginning to end.

Our painters have a step-by-step working method which will assure your satisfaction with our painting.

The interior painting starts with the following preparations:

Protecting the floors, hardware, windows and furniture

Remove dirt, repair drywall, wallpaper remove if needed

Then two coats of paint are applied to all surfaces

When the interior painting job is done, our painters will clean up.

Stucco Repair? , Replacing Stucco? here some tips:

If you are thinking about applying exterior stucco to your home then it is best to pay attention to the following advice. Stucco can be applied to almost all curved or flat surface. If you are not willing to get your hands dirty then it is best that you leave the job to a professional stucco contractor to take care of your stucco needs. Exterior stucco repair is not a complicated job to do, however, if you do not know the process of mixing stucco then it will make things a lot harder than they should be. One of stealthy methods to applying exterior stucco is mixing it in order for the entire batch has the same consistency.

The first thing that your stucco contractors will do is prepare the wall. Stucco contractors will ensure that the wall is actually strong enough to be able to hold the stucco. The reason for this is that stucco is made of cement and the wall needs to be strong enough to uphold the stucco. If your walls are made of either block, brick or concrete then your stucco contractor will apply concrete bonding and allow it to dry. Once it is dry then he will begin the process of stucco repair and apply it on your wall. It is very important that all stucco repair should be done before you have your contractor begin this job. Not preforming stucco repair will make your exterior walls look unattractive and uneven. However, if you are having exterior stucco applied to wood then your stucco contractor will need to use netting, such as roofing felt before he applies the scratch coat.

After your stucco contractor applies the stucco over the concrete bonding, he will then scratch the first coat. A good stucco contractor will know not to move onto another area until he is done with all the scratching on the wall. The stucco contractor knows that once he begins to scratch one wall, he cannot disregard it until he is completely done scratching it.

The exterior stucco must be able to remain wet as damp and relaxed curing will be able to provide your stucco walls with the most durability. The coat needs a minimum of 36-48 hours to cure.