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Believe it or not, your windows actually play a vital role in saving you money and being energy efficient

In order to modernize the look of your home in an affordable way, vinyl windows (are long lasting and better looking) are a good option. By doing so you will save energy that will pay for the windows in 5-10 windows (and if you are not planning to move, that could be well worth for you. When looking to replace the windows, there are numerous windows and styles to choose from and we at BK Remodelers can assist you with the process.

Energy Star Windows (these windows can reduce energy bills up to 15% while helping preserve the environment) - we install windows and will be happy to offer guidance in regards to it.

Vinyl windows replacement - we install Single Hung, Double Hung, Double Slider, and many other windows styles.

Front Doors/Patio Doors- It is very important the door will be installed properly. And we at BK Remodelers will do just that for you.

The reason that replacing your windows are so important is that during the summer, your windows may be letting out the cool air and in the winter time, it may be letting the heat escape from your home. This will result in higher utility costs for you and possibly bigger headaches. With BK Remodelers we will guide you to decide which windows will work best for your home and what your options may be. There is no job too big or too small that we are willing to do. Even if you simply want to replace your windows for aesthetic reasons, we will be able to provide you with the service that you need in order to keep you appeased and satisfied. What ever kind of window service you are looking for, BK remodelers will be there and support you and your window endeavors every step of the way. We will work with you to make sure that you get the best of what you want.

Energy efficiency is terms that people usually use during the winter time; during the cold season people want to stay warm while cutting their heating costs. Still, air-conditioning numbers are growing and almost 2/3 of homes in the U.S have air conditioners, what makes homeowners keep in mind energy efficiency importance. Elevating the house with energy efficient products, such as: high efficiency air conditioners and energy-saving awning windows can return the investment over time.

Here are some useful tips for selecting windows and doors, that deal with heat:

Low-E glass windows The special coating on these windows decreases the amount of heat come in the house, what lowers cooling needs.

Energy-Star products When looking for the Energy-Star label on windows and doors, one makes sure it will deliver ideal energy savings. These windows and doors come in a variety of materials and sizes.

  • Industry ratings
  • It is important to have a basic knowledge on a product's energy efficiency in order to save money. These products are based on the following:
  • Visible light transmission
  • The portion of sunlight that gets through a door/window. A higher number indicates more light go through the glass.
  • U-factor
  • Indicates heat amount going through a product. Lower numbers mean the product is much more efficient.

Here are some useful tips on how to keep the house cool during hot days:

  • Pull down blinds in order to blockade sun's heat from heating the house
  • Close internal and external doors to keep heat from spread around the house
  • Increase air circulation around the house, by leaving a window open during cooler time of the day; using a ceiling fan will also contribute to air movement around the house and will consume less energy than an AC.
  • Choose awning windows and doors that have Energy-star label on it.
  • Use thermostats that can be programmed in order to control AC temperatures